Friday, July 1, 2011


Leaving on the ferry...on our way to Athens....very bittersweet!

 Zeus' temple, there were 104 pillars and the whole ground around it was made of marble. Now there are only 15 pillars.

 The Roman market place- in the back left corner there used to sit a water clock. Even today they are not sure how the water clock worked and they are unable to replicate it.
This is the extent of the riots in Athens
Here is a video clip of the riots at parliament 

 The acropolis, they are trying to rebuild it! The Greeks planned the acropolis to last for the ages. 2000 years ago the Turkish knew the Greeks kept their ammunition in the Parthenon, so they set canon fire to it and there are pieces around town. The Greeks built the pillars to stand slanted and not straight up and down so it was able to stand earthquakes and it would be still standing today.

 This is a random dog that took us to supper. He led the way the whole time!!! We called him our guardian angel. Even sat outside the restaurant while we were eating. We named him Carlos.
 Exploring the town some more! This is the cathedral in Athens!

 Hiking to the highest point in Athens. It was a long hot hike! But we made it and it was worth the view!
 Going out on the town!
 The Acropolis behind us
 eating tsuvloki
Playing jenga, drinking ouzos
 our time in Athens was short....didn't want to the airport....our plane was delayed so Jess and I had to entertain ourselves.

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