Monday, November 14, 2011

So much to be thankful for!

Hello again! Heres a quick update! Today at work Chelsi told me that Monica had a neat lesson on I had gathered all of my lessons and walked into an ambush!!! It was amazing! Chelsi made Tres Leches cake (my 2nd fav cake..aside from German Chocolate and Tirmisu!) Thanks for ALL who helped my celebrate! :o)
 Here is my classroom that my kids and Chelsi decorated!

 Ashlie got me a Diet Sunkist! My FAV aside from Fanta. And you can see the beautiful cake in the background!
This weekend I was able to babysit for Isaiah!! He is SO photogenic!
Piggy-back rides!

 Reading a Thanksgiving book and making a "thankful" poster!
 ...and gingerbread cookies...

 waiting for the cookies to be done!
we celebrated my birthday with red velvet cupcakes!!!
 Sunday night rolls around...
Nina and I's time to COOK!
Last night on the menu--homemade veggie pizza
 and cake batter brownies!

 here is the pashmina that Becky got me for my bday! THANKS!

My new supplies came in from pampered chef....I bought a chip maker that you put in the microwave...and in 3 minutes 30 seconds you have chips! I seasoned them with Oregano....I tried Oregano chips for the first time in Greece and LOVED them...but they do not sell them in I guess making them is my only choice...and it will work for now...well until I make my way back to Greece!

I am so excited! Tonight after Zumba I bought 2 books that I want to start this week and read on the plane on the way home to NE.
Joel Osteen- Everyday a Friday
Ellen Degeneres- Seriously...I'm Kidding
So excited to start them soon!!!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


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