Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just a little update from 315!

Our 8th graders were working on proportions, so we brought in a big tennis racket and a....
 little tennis racket...they had to set up a proportion to see what size of person would hold this tennis racket!
 The 2nd thing they had to do was measure their shirt and a kids tshirt.
They had to determine the height of the kid who would wear this shirt!
 They had a lot of fun doing this!
 The students colored candycorn for the border of their integer pumpkin patch!
 7th graders sorting words for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction

 Twin day at Killough! Chels and I tried to coordinate as much as we could!

 Teaching our 7th graders square roots!
Making squares!
 Integer Bingo
We try and have fun and incorporate "hands on" activities!
Enjoy your week!!!!
Countdown to Thanksgiving 19 days....will be HOME in 14 days!!!!

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