Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nicaragua Parte Dos

Here are some more pictures from Nicaragua.......


 Gabriela Stephanie and I
 Jennifer and I
 I had a zebra print on my nails and the kids noticed it....the next day they drew me pictures of cebras!!!!
 Concepcion had something for me too!!!
 Sharon painting polka dots on the poles
 They were SO excited to have labeled doors!!! they had not had that before!!!
 Concepcion helped me paint the inside of the bathroom!!!! I had to step outside because of the fumes inside and I heard giggling.....I look in the bathroom and they are painting the pole....they thought it was SOOO funny!!!

 Putting hand prints on the backroom!! Adding more color!!!

 The "after" of one of the classrooms!!!
 Posters we put in. They were bilingual posters

 The other classroom
 Beautiful bathroom!!!!!!

On our way to Monkey Island...for those of you who know MUST know how EXCITED I was to go here....I hope you noted the sarcasm..........
 Frida posing!!
 Did you know you can buy an island for pretty cheap??? As long as no monkeys come on my island I would love to split it and build a house and get a boat!!!

I am not even going to lie...I was in tears all was so hard to say goodbye to these kids...and for those of you who took pictures....I would be happy if they stayed in your face was red and puffy!
We bought cupcakes for the kids...which they loved!!!!

 The kids had trouble saying I went by my Spanish name in highschool....Lucia...and I LOVED it! so all of those at Killough....I wouldn't mind if you kept called me Lucia!!
 They  made us coffee and cookies for the last day!!!

 I brought Popsicle sticks and foam and we made bookmarks....they had fun cutting and gluing and being creative!!!
 They did a traditional Nicaraguan dance for us!! SO CUTE!

 doing the dance move "washing the windows"

 Ann Christine.....I am going to MISS her!!! We will stay pen-pals.....she will forever stay in my heart! siempre en me corazon (spanish speakers help me out)

OK! Now it is time for relaxing! We are off to the island
Took a 4 hour ferry ride to Ometope Island
We stayed at Finca Magdelina.
This is one of their "pets"

 The roads of Ometope
 Went exploring around town with an Austrailan friend that I met at the hostel. We walked to the beach...then got caught in the rain. We were starving on the way back and stumbled across this wonderful place to eat. This was by far the GREATEST meal I have ever had!!!
 Back at the hostel....Hammock time!!!
Can you guess who this is?? Matt!
 You really can't tell from the picture but he is 1cm from the ground...hehe

Hiking Volcan Madera
Couldn't take too many pictures because it rained the whole time!!! The hike took us 10 hours.....5 1/2 up and 4 hours down. At the top of the volcano I was covered in OU orange dirt!!

 This is the crater.....We SWAM in this water!!! So now I can say I have swam in the crater of a VOLCANO!!!

 after a 10 hour hike I was excited to shower, eat spaghetti, and drink a Tona!!!! Then it was off to bed!

 This is the view from our hostel. We had no internet access, we were technology free and I LOVED it!
 I loved my hammock time! When I get a house...I want a hammock to be my first piece of furniture!!!
 While in the hammock...I had a gecko jump on me....boy was that a surprise...then I turn to get a drink of water and look what I see......
 State bird of Nicaragua.... absolutely beautiful!

 We were riding threw town and I rode on the top of the van!!! Here is Matt looking out and Frida and I are on top of the van!

 Picking Mangos!
 They are best when they are green!
 Hammock time!

 Our last night on the beautiful!!

 Frida's last rice and beans!!

Boy did I love Fanta!!! and after coming home I am so happy that Diet Sunkist has the same flavor!!!


  1. Great pictures--I see that you had an amazing time. It must be very rewarding to make a difference you can see right away. GREAT!

  2. I LOVE IT!! its like your travel diary!! I need to do one for my blog with captions! Really nice photos!!!!