Friday, August 5, 2011

Beautiful day! :o)

ok, it is quiet time here in Utah! Which means that Jacob is coloring at the kitchen table and Isaac is here playing with legos. Since we play together all day it is good to have some independent time! So, I have my Diet Coke, and this is the time I will quickly let you know whats going on!
This morning we went for a hike at the Temple Quarry Trail. Here are the 2 boys! Isaac and Jacob

 Jacob climbing the rocks.
 Isaac walking along the trail.
 We got home and ate lunch and then we decided to bake Peanut butter Snickers cookies! I found the recipe from my favorite blog "Brown eyed baker"

 Best part of baking is licking the utensils!!!!
 The cookies on the sheet!!! YUM!
 Waiting for the cookies to bake.........
The cookies are done!!! Look at the caramel!

 Got our drinks ready!!!

Quiet time is almost over and we are going to the park!!
Adios for now!
Much love!

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  1. Those are two lucky boys. It sounds like you, and they, are having a wonderful time. Good for you.