Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I am here in the beautiful state of Utah watching the most AMAZING boys! We are at quiet time now so I hoping to get the Nicaragua post done now and then post more tonight when they go to bed!!! we go!!!

Many teachers from Killough Middle School went on a trip to Nicargaua and our goal was to donate school supplies for the children and pick one school to "clean up". It is INCREDIBLE how much a sander, and paint can do! The school looked amazing when we left. Colorful and a FUN place to be and learn!
 Sorry I am unable to turn the picture but this is me Tuesday morning. I started out in Nebraska and met everyone in Houston. My flight left Ne at 5am, so this is me at 3am in the morning! The night before I had my friends Teresa and Mackenzie over to help me pack! and I tried to go to bed at 1am but was so restless....that I just laid in bed trying to remember what I forgot to pack.
 I sat next to Matt on the plane and we laughed the whole trip! We made it into Managua, but there was a mix up with the van, in the mean time (I dont watch this show) we saw Pit Boss, he has a show on Discovery channel....we eventually got our van and here is all our luggage when we arrived in Granada where we will spend the next 9 days.
 My perfume and lotion for the next 2 weeks!!!!
 Going threw all the donations for the kids! Notebooks, pencils, bags, and paper! Making separate kits for every kid
 Making the bags for the students.
 The streets of Granda..busy busy busy!!
 This girl will have my heart FOREVER!!! Her name is Ann Christine and even though there was a language barrier, we became great friends!!  :)
 Impressed by their math.....maybe I should teach division of fractions this way to my students this year!
 With Ann Christine and the picture she drew for me!
 Roberto and Dawn Marie brought clothes for the students.
 A mom brought over here is Dawn Marie and I eating them! We drank the coconut milk then ate the coconut inside! Delicious!

 Children with their NEW school supplies!!!

 a typical lunch!

 we brought frisbees which they loved and they also LOVED the bubbles!!!

My favorite animal...and they were ALL over the place!!!

 Concepcion and I!! :)
 Playing jump rope...then one of the kids said "How bout you jump in??"

 She served us breakfast and lunch everyday!!!! Great Nicaraguan food!!!
 After a day of work we decided to explore the we went to this church and found out that we could climb to the top!
 Shoulder to shoulder stairs!
 At the top!
 Behind me is the view of Mombacho--which we will go up later!

 I brought sidewalk chalk and the kids LOVED it! I taught them hop scotch.

 They also learned dominos
 varnishing the desks
 Giving the kids pop rocks!!! They LOVED them....they looked like baby birds with their mouths open!
 Priming EVERY single one of those bars....let me tell you....hard work!!! I had a helper though!
 This is kind of a "before" picture.....when we came the walls were full of tattered posters that were weather worn and there was a broken here is Angela and JoHannah painting on the it beautiful color!
 Here is a "before" picture of a chalk board. You will see the wonderful work Sharon does later!

 Playing catch with him

 the dog was cute....but you can also see the desks also before we painted them and gave them character

 On Sunday we took the day off at the school and we went to Volcan Mombacho
 It was NOT windy at ALL....can you tell???
 We were so fortunate to get to the top right as the fog about being blessed!!!! Beautiful view of Granada.

 Steam from the was really HOT!
 Thats steam coming from the Earth!

 oh and this is the truck we had to ride up in......yep those are tarps for the sides!
 They also had the BEST coffee!!! This is the process of a coffee bean from when it is picked to when you can buy it in the store!
  Live music!

 Can you see the menu??  "Someting Special"

 LOVED dancing with the natives!

 Those are beer tops...more specifically "Tona" tops
 Playing with the BIG parachute! We even played duck duck goose afterwards!
 Beautiful cow!


 The COLORFUL desks!!!
 All the bars painted!!! These are the windows to the school!

 Learning some English words!

 Beautiful faces!
 Remember the board from before! Here it is AFTER!
 This is where the kids wash their is filled with rain water
 This is the "before" picture of the bathrooms! The "after" picture is AMAZING....but you will have to wait and see!!!!

 Some more colorful desks!! I painted these.......

 using the desks already!
 I gave the girls hair ties!! They looked good in their hair!! How pretty!!!  :o)

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