Friday, August 26, 2011

First week of school!

Here are a couple of shots of the classroom! We jumped right into reducing and simplifying fractions. I LOVE color! So I make sure I always have colorful markers.... because black marker can get so dull! :o)
 More color! I also have a twitter page for my students to visit!
You do not have to belong to twitter to see this page. My goal this year is to post EVERY school day! If you want to refresh yourself on 7th grade math- go head and glance at it every now and then!
 Did I mention that I LOVE color?
We had the students do a collage about themselves Day 2 of school.
Here they are posted outside of our classroom!!!
 We did a class survey on Day 4 and the students had to make fractions with their results then determine if the fractions were close to 0, 1/2, or 1.  We had a lot of hands on activities this week to try and get our students excited about math!!!! We have awesome kids this year!!!

 Keeping an "I can" attitude in our class!

Journaling in math?!?!? HECK YES! We journal every Thursday!  :o)

A part of my new school year resolutions was to read kids Spanish books!!! Here they are! SO excited! It may take me awhile to get threw these....

Its funny because on Tuesday and Wednesday we had no AC or water at about hot. I encouraged my students not to complain because I was doing everything I could by buying a fan for the room and getting them water and ice. Here is a note that we received from our math specialist:

"Thank you for a great first week
You stayed enthusiastic through out the heat
Though the chocolate began to melt
We offer it with gratitude, heartfelt"

Notice: My Reeces is melted....still good!

It was an awesome first week and I am so excited to see whats ahead!  I am so excited to share a scrapbook of my life with you! :o)
Looking forward to a great weekend...leaving this week with inspiration!


  1. Thanks for sharing--so cool--I would love you to check out my BLOG from yesterday--it was about staying INSPIRED and EXCITED about Montessori education.

    I am so proud to know you. You are a good example of what is RIGHT in education. We do have problems in this country with our educational system--no doubt. And there is no doubt that you, and others like you, are part of the SOLUTION! Keep up the good work. Stay inspired and excited!

  2. Teehee! My poem made the cut! :)
    I like that I can't poster. Very cool.