Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craft Fair!

I know you have been anxiously waiting this post!!!
I am participating in the Alief craft fair on Thursday and I have been sewing away!!
LOVE sewing....Christmas music and pumpkin lattes! Believe me it is a stress reliever and if I could do this for a living I WOULD!
ok....so here are a couple of pictures of what you can expect....and maybe some other surprises at my table!

here we go.....
Reversible Aprons!
--need some help cooking in the kitchen?? Here is an apron, 2 sided, multi-color
it is 21 inches long, so meant for the "little busy bodies" in the kitchen!
Great for those nieces and nephews or grandchildren, and perfect for teaching that special little child what the "secret" ingredient is in grandmas apple pie or Aunt Sandys special mashed potatoes!

On the go Activity!
Have you ever been at the dentist office or the route home is longer than expected??
Well if you were smart and got one of these you would have everything ready--paper and crayons!
Perfect to throw in the diaper bag or to keep in the stroller!
I always try and pack things so when I have extra time I can be productive....so why not go through the alphabet or some quick math problems with your kiddo...or a quick game of pictionary or guess my word <aka hangman>!

OK....these are the coolest ever! These are compliments of mother koch!
Snap Bags!

 no zipper....no velcro....no latch....just a SNAP bag!
 load up the purse.....
 and here is me holding it upside down!!! nothing falls out!!!

BOB Bags
<aka Big Ol' Bags>
 These bags can hold EVERYTHING!! I mean EVERYTHING!!!
those of you at killough..I have an orange and yellow one that I use for my workout clothes everyday...it is built tough and it challenges you to FILL it as FULL as possible!!!!!
great for groceries
workout clothes
when at craft fairs you can fill it up and save on plastic bags!

Jean Purses
these are cute little purses to hold all of those doll supplies....or that cash when you take that little one shopping!

Sewing up a storm here and LOVING it!!!
Hope to see you there!!
email me if you would like me to make you something specific or if you cant make it to the craft fair!


-sunshine :o)

Monday, November 14, 2011

So much to be thankful for!

Hello again! Heres a quick update! Today at work Chelsi told me that Monica had a neat lesson on sequencing....so I had gathered all of my lessons and walked into an ambush!!! It was amazing! Chelsi made Tres Leches cake (my 2nd fav cake..aside from German Chocolate and Tirmisu!) Thanks for ALL who helped my celebrate! :o)
 Here is my classroom that my kids and Chelsi decorated!

 Ashlie got me a Diet Sunkist! My FAV aside from Fanta. And you can see the beautiful cake in the background!
This weekend I was able to babysit for Isaiah!! He is SO photogenic!
Piggy-back rides!

 Reading a Thanksgiving book and making a "thankful" poster!
 ...and gingerbread cookies...

 waiting for the cookies to be done!
we celebrated my birthday with red velvet cupcakes!!!
 Sunday night rolls around...
Nina and I's time to COOK!
Last night on the menu--homemade veggie pizza
 and cake batter brownies!

 here is the pashmina that Becky got me for my bday! THANKS!

My new supplies came in from pampered chef....I bought a chip maker that you put in the microwave...and in 3 minutes 30 seconds you have chips! I seasoned them with Oregano....I tried Oregano chips for the first time in Greece and LOVED them...but they do not sell them in America....so I guess making them is my only choice...and it will work for now...well until I make my way back to Greece!

I am so excited! Tonight after Zumba I bought 2 books that I want to start this week and read on the plane on the way home to NE.
Joel Osteen- Everyday a Friday
Ellen Degeneres- Seriously...I'm Kidding
So excited to start them soon!!!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon :o)

Perfect Afternoon Sunday snack! 
(Recipe below)

I have so much to do and I am so distracted....I need to write my thank-yous, make my Christmas card, prepare for the craft fair on Thursday, lesson plans, make charity quilts, clean....the list goes on...
at least I got my laundry done and the list of Christmas presents I need to buy! (bring on Black Friday!)

I am so excited to go home! I decided to fly home this time! Will save a lot of time and to me, time with family and friends is EVERYTHING! I have learned that moving so far away from home! I cherish my time-- yes it is a break...but no sleeping in for me! 

I am so excited to catch up with the cousins....
Walk my puppy EVERYday!!!
going to the farm...
Red Mango...even though its going to be cold at home....
Spending as much time with FRIENDS and my babysitting families as I can!

Quick side note....
Christi this made me cry!
Christi's son, Matthew had to write about a special person and I am so flattered that he chose me! I used to babysit for the Fulton's and I see them as much as I can whenever I get back to Nebraska! :o)
Matthew I love you too and I am so excited to see you!

Caramel Frappuccino

You’ll need:
4 cups ice
1 – 2  cups milk (depending on your taste)
2 cups cold coffee
6 Tablespoons sugar
a big squeeze of caramel topping
some whip cream
1.  Blend ingredients til smooth and top with whip cream and drizzle with caramel syrup.
2.  Sit on the couch.
3.  Drink.
4.  Smile. :o)

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday afternoon!! :o)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I LOVE these girls!!! Here are a couple of pictures....We went to the park, got home, then they decided to take my shoes and their dog for a walk before bed!!! When ever I leave it is always a scavenger hunt to find my shoes....they are always in 2 different places! :o)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 25th!

I want to thank everyone who made my birthday so special!!!
We celebrated at Lupe Tortilla!

Beer-rita!!! So yummy!

YA...I ate this pepper!!! MUY CALIENTE!
German Chocolate cake! Mi favorito!

so as they were getting ready to sing me happy birthday.....and they lit my candles....THEN
A sombrero was put on my head!! I was taken by SURPRISE!!!!
<before this happened I was posing for a picture with my cake>
<I am happy I didn't drop the cake!!>
Didn't know what to think!!! SO happy, surprised.....!!!

I was about in tears...I was so happy and FULL of joy!!!

My 25th year will be the BEST year!!!
I am SO blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!!!!
I have so many reasons to be happy!!!!!!!!
Love you all!!!