Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craft Fair!

I know you have been anxiously waiting this post!!!
I am participating in the Alief craft fair on Thursday and I have been sewing away!!
LOVE sewing....Christmas music and pumpkin lattes! Believe me it is a stress reliever and if I could do this for a living I WOULD!
ok....so here are a couple of pictures of what you can expect....and maybe some other surprises at my table!

here we go.....
Reversible Aprons!
--need some help cooking in the kitchen?? Here is an apron, 2 sided, multi-color
it is 21 inches long, so meant for the "little busy bodies" in the kitchen!
Great for those nieces and nephews or grandchildren, and perfect for teaching that special little child what the "secret" ingredient is in grandmas apple pie or Aunt Sandys special mashed potatoes!

On the go Activity!
Have you ever been at the dentist office or the route home is longer than expected??
Well if you were smart and got one of these you would have everything ready--paper and crayons!
Perfect to throw in the diaper bag or to keep in the stroller!
I always try and pack things so when I have extra time I can be productive....so why not go through the alphabet or some quick math problems with your kiddo...or a quick game of pictionary or guess my word <aka hangman>!

OK....these are the coolest ever! These are compliments of mother koch!
Snap Bags!

 no zipper....no velcro....no latch....just a SNAP bag!
 load up the purse.....
 and here is me holding it upside down!!! nothing falls out!!!

BOB Bags
<aka Big Ol' Bags>
 These bags can hold EVERYTHING!! I mean EVERYTHING!!!
those of you at killough..I have an orange and yellow one that I use for my workout clothes everyday...it is built tough and it challenges you to FILL it as FULL as possible!!!!!
great for groceries
workout clothes
when at craft fairs you can fill it up and save on plastic bags!

Jean Purses
these are cute little purses to hold all of those doll supplies....or that cash when you take that little one shopping!

Sewing up a storm here and LOVING it!!!
Hope to see you there!!
email me if you would like me to make you something specific or if you cant make it to the craft fair!


-sunshine :o)

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