Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

So right before Thanksgiving break I had my craft fair!
Here are some pictures from it!

 Home for Thanksgiving!
First thing I did when I got home was dye my hair!
<I love when Jovi sniffs my camera!>
Games with the family!
 My birthday cake!
 Walks with Jovi...
 Beautiful fall trees in Nebraska!

 One of my favorite restaurants in Omaha...Pepperjax Grill!
 Jovi does awesome tricks! I can usually only do this one once....he gets too impatient!
 Sushi with the girls!
 Ryan with his pecan pie...
he learned from the best! Grandma is the best cook I know!
 Grandma and Grandpa Koch

 At the farm!

 Watching the Nebraska football game!
 beautiful Abby!
 Sugar cookies and a cookie-dough dip!

 My belated gift from Jessica!
My friend Jessica lives in Germany

Back to Texas...
I decided to try the Vegan diet
I wanted to try something different
 This is an example of one of my lunches
grapes, hummus, crackers, spinach, and a pico de gallo.
 I made some homemade peanut butter granola bars!
They were amazing for my snacks!
 another snack I had a lot was berries....sooo sweet that it almost seemed like a dessert!

 Sorry this blog came too late.... but I finally was able to get all my pictures loaded! I hope to get all updated by the end of Christmas break!!!

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