Monday, July 11, 2011

Isn't Nature Cool???

So along with Math I also majored in science in college....and plants seem to fascinate me....let me show you why!
On this cucumber plant --this particular stem was blowing in the wind.
 So I moved the stem into the cage and tried to wrap the little vine around the wire so it could pull itself closer to the rest of the plant...I was waiting to see how long it would take to wrap.....
look at the little cucumber!!!!
 Giving Jovi some love!
 Remember how it looked before??? 2 hours later I find that it has wrapped around the wire!!!
 and this picture is take one day after...this stem apparently does not want to move now!!!!
Sometimes its the little things in life that make you smile!! I am very fortunate to find these, made my day trying to track this...and also procrastinating from packing for Nicaragua.....I am excited to see what vegetables yield when I get back in to 2 weeks! We also grow green peppers, onions, cantelope and tomatoes, so when I get back it will be SALSA making time!!  :o)

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  1. Kelsey, have I ever talked to you about biomimicry? It's design that is based on a biological natural process (just like the one you described). An example is how the structure of the fabric in Olympic swimwear mimics shark skin and allows them to swim faster. Anyway... just made me think - I wonder what that twisting could do! I wish I knew more about science!