Tuesday, July 5, 2011


day 1
This is the city hall in Marianplatz square. It has the Glockenspiel that plays at 11am, 12, and 5pm.

Apple Strudle....Delectable! 

 Liter of Augisteiner Beer....my new favorite beer!
 I don't know how to spell it....bit this is shnitzel

day 2
 On the way to Fuessen to see Neuschwanstein castle.

 The bridge we hiked too!!! and we got beautiful views of the castle.

Here is a video from the bridge that we hiked to....the video is long and just shows the landscape of the Castle in the Alps.....There is roaring water below....I could have been on this bridge forever! So breathtaking!

on the pub crawl our guide showed us this trick with our liter of beer. here, we are trying it and we SUCCEED!! and of course at the end we have to "prost" with eye contact.

day 3

Jess and I are replicating the grand finale of the Gockenspiel......a dove cooing 3 times!

Doing a bike tour of Munich...Met some girls from A&M

Rubbing his cheeks for good luck

My lunch that day!! YUMMY!!!

There was really neat German music playing from the tower....such a great atmoshpere...this is where we ate lunch!

While on the bike ride I taped some of the atmosphere of Munich....I probably could have crashed my bike...but as you can tell...I didn't!

We hiked to the top of a nearby chursh and this is the view of Munich....if you look close enough you may see the alps in the background!!

tiramisu and cappacino!

 Our last night in Munich....celebrating with some Augustiner beer

When you "cheers" in German you say "Prost" and make eye contact....if you do not have eye contact you will have 7 years bad luck!!!

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