Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frankfurt and Mainz

We got back from Athens and Jessica-- the working women-- had to work 3 days....so I was on my own to explore Frankfurt and Mainz Germany. The only German I knew was "Thank you" "Bless you" and " I love you" but fortunately everyone knew some English so they were able to help me out with the buses and the train.
I feel like I am always posting pictures about food....but we ate good in Europe!! Jess went to work Monday morning and I was off to explore Frankfurt! I started off my day with a Cappicino. Doesn't it look great?
 Met up with Jessica for lunch and had some German Gouloush....amazing! My mom always makes it but I never thought it was a German food!
 After lunch, Jess had to go back to work so I wandered down Bockenheimer landstraBe and found a cafe that had a raspberry cake....so I was able to write a couple of postcards, journal, and get shelter from the rain!!

The second day I was in Frankfurt I walked further and explored more!

 Found a Spanish Festival where I enjoyed some Paella and Spanish music

The is the ourside of MyZiel, the mall where they have the longest escalator is Europe!

Mainz, Germany
Where I went on Tuesday
The "cutest" town in Germany!!

the whole town looks like this, the buildings are older, and so highly decorated! The morning that I was there, they had a market where I bought some fresh fruit for all my walking!

St. Peters.
I bought a book for 5E that had all the main points of Mainz and I walked the whole town! Every church in Mainz was so highly decorated and took my breath away every time!

St Shephans blue stained glass.

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