Monday, July 11, 2011

Living up life!

I think I have a reoccuring thing with "Mamas" this summer. In Mykonos, the place that we stayed at was "Mamas" and in Santorini, the restaurant that we ate at was "Mamas". Then on Saturday night we went to church and met up with my relatives and we ate at "Mamas". Maybe when I arrive in Nicaragua I need to find a "Mamas" top complete my summer!
 With Ryan and Matthew
When Dad asked me to golf, with no hesitation I said yes! I have not golfed since last summer and surprisingly I was not rusty! I look forward to golfing again when I get back from Nicaragua!

 Even though it seemed like the hottest and muggiest day ever......we both golfed out best game ever!!!!
 We came home and mom made AMAZING taco salads! and the diet coke went down so smoothly!
 After a much needed nap it was off to kayak!!!
 My bonjovi!
 At Chalco lake!

 Made it to the bridge!!!
 Kayaking with mom!

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  1. The Kayaks in the pickup behind you in one of the pictures looked like two very large red and yellow peppers--cool--also, you have a very fun life.