Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall in room 315!

Hello! How was your week? Can you believe that it is OCTOBER??? October is probably my FAVORITE month of the year! I love the smells the sights and everything about it!!!

 When I explored Rice Village a couple of weekends ago I stumbled upon a store "Social Butterfly" and it had a lot of unique treasures! I found this skirt 50% off!!!
 Last week we did a recipe project (we were working on decimals) so we gave all the students Olive Garden menus--first mistake-- will go into detail later....and we asked the students to take 3 other guests with them on this supper date!
 Darian said "Ms. Koch, I want to take the Guinness world record holder for STARING...." He was really cute when he said it! Darian is above.
We also had alot of other unique guests, spiderman, transformers, Niki Manaj, Lil Wayne, Jesus
I wanted to invite Ellen Degeneres to dinner!

 Jesus and Noah working hard!
 So, remember when I said it was a big mistake to get an Olive Garden menu....I had to give a lesson in Italian before we started the project...I didn't even know what a Zeppoli, or Cappilari was....so our whole front board was full of Italian words and pictures....next time I will do an Applebees, Chedders, or Panera menu!!

 See the computer game? It is called Helicopter Pigs! My favorite game that the students play on the computers!!!

We ended the week on a good note! I mentioned earlier that my favorite season is fall and we wanted to bring October in with a bang. So all the students wrote fraction and decimal problems on the leaves and had partners solve the problems. 

And here is the bulletin Board that is outside our room!
Signing off for tonight!

Let me know how you are!
Would LOVE to hear!
mucho amor
-sunshine :o)

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