Sunday, October 16, 2011

So this will be a long blog because I am sick today in bed and hey, I have some time! (and I am a week behind!) I am a person who does not deal well with change, and if you know me, I like to have agenda and times, I am not one to be spontanious. So when my allergies get to me it is a struggle for me to relax because I am SO used to having a plan, and I never just SIT. But, thats the way I like life! To live it to the fullest and always being JOYFUL! My allergies hit me hard on Wednesday but I still went to school because I had tickets to the Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull concert that night...and there is NO way I was going to miss it!

I have NEVER worn shoes so high!!!

Killian and Kate

 Thursday night I had a babysitting job, but luckily the child went to sleep at 7 right when I go there so I was able to do some school work and watch Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Private Practice!!! So I was able to relax then. I really wanted to go to school on Friday because I had the kids making integer problems on Pumpkins and we made a Pumpkin Patch outside of our room!!! I will post pics on Tuesday of it because the bulletin board isn't quite finished yet!!!

Friday night I planned for a group to go country line dancing and I was looking forward to it ALL week!!! But I was so under the weather that I had to change my plans, watch the old footloose movie, and sleep instead.... grr...trying to be OK with the change. I also wanted to rollerblade and bike this weekend but that will have to wait for the next weekend I guess...change is ok!!!
"Happiness is in the Heart NOT the circumstance!!" I had to live by this quote this week!!!!

Ok, I just realized that I had not posted pictures from last weekend!!!

Last Friday night a couple of friends and I went to the Greek Festival in Montrose! It was a blast! The music, the smells, and the atmosphere all reminded be of this summer when Jess and I went to Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens!! Aleshia, Karli, Todd, Nina, Sam and I were able to eat Greek food and drink the wonderful Greek wine!!!
Beautiful Houston Skyline!

Aleshia and I!

 Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon I had an overnight babysitting job for Hally and Bella! We had SO much fun! It rained that weekend, so before the clouds came in we went to the park, then enjoyed the thunderstorm! They LOVED listening to the thunder. By the time I put the girls to bed I was in bed also!!!

 Playing in the rain!

 The awesome fort we made!
 When I got off of babysitting on Sunday, Nina, Todd and I volunteered at the church bazaar! It POURED the WHOLE time!!! it was muddy and gushy....but it is something that is unable to be canceled because SO much work goes into it!! We had fun though!!!

After the bazaar I made homemade bread and "Biggest Loser Chili" which turned out AMAZING!!! Nina, Aleshia and I carved pumpkins and watched the "Its  a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

 My sunshine pumpkin...

 Ninas Owl Pumpkin
 and Aleshias Skeleton Pumpkin..

ok! So there is the update!!!!

Some things on my baking list:
Apple Crisp
3-2-1 Cake
Depending on how I feel we will see if I can knock some of these things out!


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  1. Great pictures as always!
    I really enjoyed the ones of the unusual pumpkin carvings, creative.
    Hope you are feeling a lot better by now.
    I will be looking up the chili recipe.