Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Houston Site-seeing

Reenie is in HOUSTON!
Reenie came to Houston to help me pack and move back, she was there for a week, so I decided to give her a "Houston Bucket List" full of activities that I loved about Houston and activities that I have always wanted to do! There were A LOT of things that were left off the list because we didn't have enough time, like going to the Farmers Market, Kayaking down the Bayou, Astros Game, visiting the tunnels downtown....gahh ran out of time!

Here is a screen shot of Monday schedule! Needless to say, we slept well that night!
 1st stop on her bucket list: seeing the waterwall at the Galleria. So beautiful and so picturesque! We also wandered around the galleria and 2nd was to walk past Louie Vutton, Channel and Gucci!

 The Beer Can House! The history of this house:
The house and landscape are adorned with many different types of beer that John, himself, drank (though his neighbors and his wife, Mary, were always glad to lend a hand!). Did he prefer one brand to the next? His favorite beer was always "Whatever's on special".
HERE is the website with all the information if you want to see it!

 Visit the I HEART HOUSTON sign! It seems like a sketch place when you get there....but it is worth some neat pictures!!! HERE is the address! you can also see all the president heads, and statues of the Beatles!

 Get an awesome picture of the downtown skyline! We were on Memorial Drive and parked in an apartment complex to walk over a pedestrian bridge. The trail was the Bayou walking trail. It was a cloudy day but it made for a great view!!! :)

Visit St Arnolds! If you live in Houston and and never been, it is SO worth it! The fun thing is, you can bring your OWN food, board games, cards....anything! It is so laid back! And for $7 you get 4 beers, a tour, and a fun atmosphere!

And to finish off our Friday, we went to one of my favorite restaurants!!! CHUYS! We went to the location in Montrose! We hit up Happy Hour and they have a free nacho bar! Made for an awesome evening!

To finish off our Friday we went to the hot tub at my apartment complex, and enjoyed what stars we could see in the sky. One thing that Reenie saw that was not on her bucket list......A Texas sized cockroach!! Luckilly it didn't bother us, but boy was Reenie surprised!

Saturday Morning we decided to go for a swim, we swam laps to counteract the calories we had yesterday. It made for an awesome laid back morning to read by the pool and relax. Next on her bucket list was to eat at Ruggles, another one of my favorite Houston restaurants, and enjoy a Shiner Beer! This is Shiners Summer Brew and I am bound to find it here in Omaha. Hands down, BEST beer in Texas!

 Next stop on her bucket list.......PAPPASITOS and Discovery Green!!! There was a featured movie on the green so we made it into a picnic!!!
 Chick Fil A cows...and cows being my favorite animals....had to snap this!
Reenie won a chair!!! Here is the story behind this....
The ground was soaking wet and the second we sat down our behinds were wet, there was no way out of it, we tried sitting on our plastic bags, but we were still WET! We heard there was an contest going on for a blanket and a chair so I RAN down to sign us up for that blanket! I signed Reenie up first and put the flyer in the box. As I filled one out for me the women in charge said, sorry, one entry per person.... darn..but with one entry in 200, we were bound to win! 20 minutes later they drew for the blanket and we did not win....darn....we finished eating about fajitas and they drew for the chair and they called REENIE MCCORMICK!!! She looked at me and said "of course" "I knew the second you signed me up that I would win..." So here is our chair that is now sitting nicely with Chelsi because it wouldnt fit in my car!
 Our movie and another view of downtown at night!
Sunday morning! We went to one of my favorite coffee shops, Beans Cafe, and Reenie was so happy that she could be at a coffee shop and not have any school work. It was pure pleasure!!! 
We then went to the Tasting Room where we had some lunch, drank some wine, journaled and......
 was serenaded by a mariachi band! They asked for requests and even sang another song for us!

 We then went to an art museum...Reenies choice...I forget what it was called.....

 On the bucket list....see a Texas Gecko!

I also took Reenie to my favorite spot in Houston! George Bush Park. This is the place that I go if I ever need to clear my thoughts...and you are unable to hear any sort of Houston traffic, there are not a lot of people and you can hear the water lapping on the shore. Beautiful serene sound!

Another restaurant.....Yai Yai Mary's!!! My favorite Greek Restaurant in Houston!! Top of lunch with an Alfa Beer!

Next on the list.....Surfside and Galveston! 

 Reenie eating crawfish!

Didn't get a picture...but another one of my favorite restaurants is Brothers Pizza. 

Monday and Wednesday night we spent out with my friends, some of the hardest and tearful goodbyes

The week, as always, goes wayyy to fast! We had fun-filled days! Thursday came way to fast and we spent the morning packing! Nicki and Chelsi were able to stop by and help out and again, more tearful goodbyes!

 Saying goodbye as we were waiting for the gate to open at my apartment complex! In a packed car! On the drive we still had 2 more things to check off on the bucket list- Get a picture next to the Sam Houston Memorial, and eat some Beaver Nuggets!!! I have driven past this statue about 10 times and have never stopped! Reenie and I found some side roads and found a trail...and we found him! Look how tiny we are!

The drive went well! With a best friend in the car and on our way to our best friends wedding in Kansas, it helped to break up the drive!
I am now in Nebraska, and my new chapter is ahead! Finding a place to live, and finding all my special spots here in Omaha. Luckilly I have all summer to figure it out!

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