Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Life!

(and if you get a chance to enjoy a Shiner Summer Brew, think of me, it will be my mission here in Nebraska to FIND it and buy them OUT!)

As most of you know, I am closing a chapter in Houston and starting a new journey in Bennington Nebraska! I received a 6th grade Math and Science position. I am so excited to start this new experience. Closing chapters is always hard, and in the picture below, I don't know if you can tell, but I was beyond tears and a mess when leaving Houston. I had a checklist of all the goodbyes I had to make, and it just didn't seem like enough. I am so happy that I had one of my best friends make the journey with me, and boy I owe her a lot!

I gave Reenie a bucket list for Houston for the short week she was here full of my favorite things, and things I also wanted to see! (will do a blog about the whole list later!) The last 3 items on her list were; to stand in front of the Sam Houston Statue, eat some Beaver Nuggets, and see an armadillo. gahhhh the first two were accomplished, and we saw 4 armadillos with legs high in the air....darn...I am BOUND to see a live armadillo, it is one thing on my life bucket list!
After a short overnight stay in Dallas with one of Reenies friends we were on the road at 4:42am Friday morning. After we got coffee and took 1 nap each, we were jamming to music, learning Italian, singing, putting ourselves in "what if" situations, and laughing while eating pop rocks, we were finally in Kansas to get prepared for Carolyns Rehearsal Dinner! I knew the second my foot stepped out of the car that the weekend was going to fly by in no time; and sitting here I still can't believe how fun it was and what a joyous weekend it was!

As the weekend wrapped up it was time to head back to Nebraska.
It was the fastest 3 hours, and again, spending it with a friend made the drive so much easier. 
Reenie helped me unload my car- which we realized was so much easier than packing it!
(shout out to Nicki, Chelsi and Reenie for being ROCK stars and wonder women for loading up my car!)

Mom got home, and we took Jovi for a walk, I owed him a BIG TREAT for his protection over me in Texas,
I know this is not the biggest treat, but it is what I had right away. It was nice to spend time with him!

Each time I come home my mom always says...."Well what do you want to eat?" So I told her I was craving shishcabobs with chicken and fresh vegetables! Wish granted, I did all the cutting, she did all the grilling, and it was the best meal to come home too!
I will need to share the marinade, because it made the cabobs melt in your mouth.

So as I sit here blogging and listening to the US Open with my parents, it makes for a great night in Nebraska! I am so excited to see what this summer will offer!

Haven't posted in a month, and I will get more into the habit of posting once a week!
Thanks for taking time to stop by!


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  1. You don't owe me anything... just your friendship!