Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Guardian Angel

Jovi is afraid of 2 things, hot air balloons and trashcans! I am not sure why he is afraid of hot air balloons but one day a gust of wind knocked over a trashcan in front of him and ever since he has been spooked. On Wednesday April 18th mom had taken Jovi for an evening walk. They were almost done with the walk when Jovi started to act skiddish- mom looked around and saw no trashcans and there was nothing in the sky. Jovi was acting nervous and started to pull on the leash- he was pulling her home- he had his head down, searching and sniffing, making a bee-line towards the house. Once they got home Jovi was very unsettled and was a hound dog, continuing to sniff every corner of the house. My mom was very confused as to what had been going on. Then the clock ticked 5:48 and her phone rang. I had been in a car accident here inHouston, 700 miles from home. My mom was able to calm me down and talk me through it. She was there to listen and comfort. When the police came to the scene I had to let her go so I could talk to them, all the while we were talking Jovi was searching the house. When we both hung up Jovi was then at peace, laid down and took a nap.

What is it with animals and their sense of danger? This story amazes me because he knew something was going on. He had that sense in him that his sister was in trouble somewhere. I just know that I owe Jovi a TEXAS sized BONE when I get back to Nebraska and all the love and kisses I can give him!

I have lived in Houston for 3 years now and have been accident free. I travel on i10 at least 3 times a week. Then the last month that I am living here, BOOM it happens.
That’s the funny thing, you never know what will happen next in your life. All the plans you have can be changed in a matter of seconds. At 4:15 I left school after our math meetings. I got home, checked my mail and I received my muffin top baking pan that I was planning on trying out after babysitting that night. I did a workout DVD-cleaned- vacuumed- started laundry- and took out the trash, I was on cloud 9 because I was being so productive- give me an hour- watch what I do with it! Funny thing is I am ALWAYS late for babysitting on Wednesday nights. I leave my apartment at 5:30 and roll into their house around 6:05/6:10ish- just depends on the traffic, because I am only traveling 8 miles! On this particular Wednesday I left at 5:20- determined to be ON TIME! The accident happened at 5:48 at the Voss exit…I would have been 5 minutes early.

Life Happens. I was unable to change the situation I was in, but I was able to choose my attitude. I chose to stay positive. The police came and were nice. Everyone in the accident was unharmed. I had a ride home. Everything was exchanged. I was not happy by all means, but I stayed positive. Even though my roommate took the next morning off of school she took me to Killough the next morning, my lovely co-teacher brought me a nice large coffee and she was there for me all day for my comfort. Dawn went out of her way to help me get a rental car. I went to the doctor and nothing is broken, my left hand is just sprained and bruised. The insurance company and the Toyota dealership have all been very kind and understanding. On a side note- I rented a Chevy Cruze…and LOVE it…I am thinking it will be my next purchase when I get back toNebraska!

So instead of saying woe to me or having pity, there is a life lesson that I can take away from this. SLOW DOWN. I multi-task way too much, sometimes I even forget what I am doing because I have to much happening. One thing I have worked on since last Wednesday is taking time out for myself. Since the sun sets later in the evening, I have been trying to spend some time outside in the sun with my nook. Just. Sitting. Enjoying myself and enjoying the sun- no music- no television. During the school day I am always needed, and Chels and I even work through our lunch so we don’t have to stay late after school. Taking time to sit outside is m ytime, my time to breath and my time to relax. I have also learned that I have an awesome support system here. I cannot begin to thank everyone that I have grown to love in these past 3 years. I have “family” down here and people that I can count on.

And I am slowly learning….that this may be the hardest move yet….

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