Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last post about 2011

 Juicing with the girls! It was great! We then watched the documentary, Fat Sick and Almost dead <I think thats the name of it!> Amazing stories!!!

 Either we are giants holding pints....or those are tiny beer choose!!

 so my whole walk I was thinking... what is "water mud?" is it a sport or an activity....After the 5th sign I realized that there needed to be a comma in between water and mud....I wanted to take a permanent marker to each sign and FIX it!! :)

 Dad smoked 3 with a pilsner, a miller lite, and a favorite was the Miller Lite Chicken.

 Made some  baby quilts...and I need help binding them! Want to help? The quilts will go to those in need "Quilts Without Borders" so if you want to learn to sew call me up and I will teach! Then your work will go to charity!

 Family looks like Timothy is having sooo much fun! <I won each game...lets just say Mexican Train Dominos is kinda my thing!>
 Homemade enchiladas for my last meal...even with homemade cream of chicken soup but a homemade "dressing" AMAZING meal before heading back to Houston!
This is what I see everytime I leave....Jovi looking out the window..... I always feel so bad saying goodbye.
Adios Nebraska
Welcoming 2012 in Houston!

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