Sunday, January 1, 2012

So blessed!

WOW its the simple joys in life. I am overwhelmed and feel so blessed right now! It was a clear flight so I was able to see stars the WHOLE flight. Sat next to a 2nd year teacher from Humble. Talked the whole time. Coming into Houston I was able to see MANY firework shows. Ride home I sat next to a traveler who just backpacked Belize...awesome stories. Met another teacher...shared experiences. Then I get home to Christmas letters to remind me of home! BRING on the week!

I wish you all a blessed and wonderful 2012!

And remember to smile!!!!

<here are some coincidences from tonight >

My flight was delayed 30 minutes.....grr....but I smiled and guess who I ran into at the airport? One of my best friends TERESA BOLAS...if my flight would have been on time, I would not have 
had a wonderful send off!!! Plenty of tears and emotions but I could not have asked for a better surprise send-off!

My seat got changed on the plane because a couple wanted to sit next to each other....So I moved seats and I got to sit next to a teacher who was on his 2nd year teaching in Humble, and on my other side, a girl from the Young American group. Needless to say it was an AWESOME flight and we may have gotten a little loud.... hehe :o) <Sorry Reenie I was unable to listen to the CD you made will be my pump-up mix tomorrow morning!>

My arrival in Houston was exciting!! Plenty of stars and was like they were welcoming me home!!!

Since my flight was delayed my shuttle was delayed I was able to go home on a FULL shuttle. I sat in between 2 girls. One just finished back packing in Belize and sharing our Central American experiences was AWESOME!! 
then the other girl taught at YesPrep schools, so comparing experiences was awesome!

and to top off my night I came home to 9 Christmas letters!!!!  Thanks so much for ALL the love!!!!

I have a lot of reflecting to do over the previous year that has passed and the wonderful year to come!!!!
So much to be thankful for!!!

Happy 2012!


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