Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Year in Pictures!

I wanted to post a blog about "My year in Pictures" I think it is always great to look back and see what accomplishments you have done throughout the year! This post has taken me sooo long to complete because I love reminiscing and thinking about the fun I have had! It also makes me real thankful for all the opportunities that have been put in my path!
Above are pictures from New Orleans. I am a BIG fan of culture and traditions, and I have to say I had a lot of fun learning about the history and culture of New Orleans, and to see how much it has improved since the hurricane!
Here is a picture from when we had a fundraiser at McDonalds! And we actually had to WORK! It was a blast, and I have to say, I met the nicest people who worked there! It really is a friendly environment!

My parents came in March and we ventured off to San Antonio to see all the missions! If you live in Texas now or visit, I highly recommend going to all 5 missions. They are absolutly beautiful, and there is so much history behind them! We spent a whole day, listening to stories, and walking around!

One thing I have heard about Houston is that they sure throw an AMAZING rodeo! and the cool thing is, is that it lasts for a whole month! So you are able to chose your concerts and see the amazing rodeo festivities! I saw Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts and....ohhh it will come to me the 3rd one I saw........
Almost done with my FIRST year teaching! with my AMAZING co-teacher Chelsi MICKEY!

Drove to Brenham TX for the Blue Bell 10k race!!! It was an amazing run in the country--beautiful views!!!!

Painting with a twist with 2 WONDERFUL ladies!!! This is definetly a do-again!!! Can you believe I PAINTED that? ya...I cant either!

Rock-climbing for the first time! So much fun! For my birthday Valentina gave me a pass to go, so I need to go again!!! Boy was I SORE!
Completed  my first year teaching! I taught 7th grade Title I Math!!!
At the Greek Festival in Houston...preparing for my summer in Greece!
First stop in Europe....IRELAND...and what better to represent Ireland than with all the colorful doors!
Next stop,.....Greece! Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens
Then off to Germany where I stopped in Frankfurt, Mainz, Fussen, and Munich

and one trip that definetly changed my life is Nicaragua. I almost feel selfish going down there and experiencing all that I had. I gained so much! One thing I have learned that I can do is raise stay tuned...I hope to get something started through my friends and family here in Omaha, and down in Houston...and where ever I can make a difference!

After Nicaragua I had the opportunity to babysit for my cousins kids while they went to Tahoe for the week! Jacob, Isaac and I had so much fun and they live in the most beautiful part of Utah!! We took FULL advantage of the mountains and hiking!

Time to go back to Houston...... sad to leave summer behind.....
I guess August HAD to come....oh the joys of being a teacher....but I was fortunate enough to have my friends Mackenzie drive down with me and along the way see other RITA!! It was so amazing to see her, she teaches in York.
Before and AFTER of Chelsi and I's classroom!!!

Babysitting has become a BIG part of my life! I don't know what I would have done without these amazingly WONDERFUL families. Moving to Houston and knowing no one, they really make me feel like family....and what is family?? Knowing that I am coming over and stocking the fridge with Diet Coke!!! Thanks Harris', Pykes, and Nortons for being so SUPER!!!!

Girls trip to Minneaplolis! I feel like I always have the itch to when September came, I was ready to go again!!! This was an AMAZING trip and I am so happy to have such amazing girlfriends!

October came....went to see Prince Royce, Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias in word- AWESOME
Chelsi and I have made it through our first 9 weeks. and we have survived so far teaching both 7th and 8th grade Title I was a big struggle at first...but with her by my side we can move moutains! literally, she is my ROCK! Chels, can I get a raise the roof? WOOT WOOT!
another Greek festival in Houston...don't mind if I do!!!
Halloween was great! I was a 1920's flapper...and I was able to carve a pumpkin...but with the Houston heat my pumpkin only lasted 3 days at the max before it grew gnats and was nasty!
I really got into my photography this year, I have always been a photographer...but with my newest purchase of a Canon SLR T3 camera I have had a lot of fun with it!!! Here are the Pykes during their Christmas shoot!
In November I was able to celebrate my birthday! My parents also came down a week earlier to celebrate with me and by going to the Houston's Quilt Festival!
Dyed my hair brown/red...the red quickly faded! But I decided that it was time for a difference!
Some more photo shoots that I did this fall!!
My beautiful co-teacher and her family!
Saw Michael W smith and the Houston Symphony in concert! It really set my mood for the Christmas season, I cannot wait for the concert again next year...I HIGHLY recommend it! It was held at Houston's 2nd Baptist church!

My first Texans game...ohh and did I mention that we got tailgater of the game???

Christmas concert!
A quote that I found and I find SOOOOO true!!! and reflecting over this year..I FIRMLY believe this!

 My BonJovi and I! It is my joy when I get  home for breaks to walk him! LOVE spending time with him!
 Wonderful friends! <Carolyn I guess you came after the picture>
My 2 FAVORITE girls! Gretchen and Greta!!!! I used to babysit for them and now they are in 5th and 7th grade! They have so many ideas and ALWAYS make me smile!!! AMAZING girls! love you two!
This is my brother Timothy at Christmas time! I hope you had the MERRIEST Christmas and the JOYEST new year!! :o)



  1. Thanks! So excited for MORE memories this year! Happy New Years! :o)