Saturday, September 17, 2011

long time, I know...

Hello! It has been to long and I apologize!!! This past week I was "off" because my co-teacher was not at work on Monday or Tuesday- so it was just me in the classroom (and a sub who sat), then on Wednesday when she was back we had to orally read the test to a couple of students in the library, so again I was alone in the class. Friday, we had to give the kids a computer assessment so we split the kids in half--half in the classroom and half in a computer lab.
I don't know how many times I heard this week that a co-teaching relationship is like a marriage. After 1 complete school year (and going on 2) I can officially say that co teaching IS a marriage! Chelsi and I are together from 7:45-4:15 every single day! (She usually gets to school before me so when I get to school I always park next to her car!!!--I always forget where I park so when we leave together we always walk to the same spot) Chelsi and I have to share all the "duties" of a classroom, just like a married couple, and when one of us is having a bad day or wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we always warn each other to "look out" :o) and we both understand.
I can't imagine co-teaching with anyone else! I think we bring out the best in each other! We both have our strengths-and act upon them. We share in each others happiness and sorrows!!! She is the one person that I can vent too...get over it and move on.....
ok...that was my "ode to Chelsi"

So...on to my pictures from 2 weeks ago.....
I never wear skirts or dresses to school, but when I was looking threw my clothes to see what I wanted to donate I came upon this skirt that I made when I was a senior in college. I was my cousin Abby's confirmation sponsor, and I made it for that special occasion...I don't think I have worn it since and I don't know why. What you can't see in the picture is my red heels that I am always feels good to dress up!!! (I also bought the necklace at the Houston Quilt Show last October)
 I still wear bows in my hair! Being a 7th grade teacher I feel like I can paint my nails what-ever color I want...(right now they are grey and purple) and I can put anything in my hair!

Saturday September 10
Saturday morning I had NOTHING on the agenda...well except laundry and cleaning...but that can always be put I decided to explore Rice Village! It was a wonderful day! My goal was to find a coffee shop, but there was SO much traffic that I was only looking for a parking spot. I happened to park in front of Ruggles Cafe and it happened to be about I thought hey, I could go for some lunch!! :o)
I got the grilled chicken salad...little did I know that it came with walnuts, blu cheese, apples, and the most wonderful dressing!!! I can't wait to go back. During lunch I was able to read...and just embrace my surroundings!!

 I got lost in all the twists and turns of Rice Village, went into a lot of shops and probably spent way to much (but thats why I babysit right??) I also bought some Spanish books!! It was a wonderful day and I think I am going to challenge myself to be a "tourist" in my own city! I would love to see more and not only explore when I have friends in town!!!
**One thing I for sure want to do is Zumba at Discovery Green on Wednesdays (9/28 whose on board!?)

On Tuesday night we had parent night. It was great to meet some of the parents and see where our kids come from! It made for a late night at school but it was so much fun!!!

Every Wednesday we get to wear college shirt and khakis!!! I sponsored an AVID kid and got her a college shirt..UNK of course....I had Kerlyn last year in my math she is grown and an 8th grader!!! When I bought the shirt for her I realized that I hadn't bought a UNK shirt for myself in 3 years....yes that is how long I have been out of college...crazy!!!
So during 2nd period Ms Naylor sent Kerlyn over to my classroom to take a picture!!! All smiles!!! I am so happy she wears her shirt with joy! (she even color coordinated! see the blue and gold hair accessories and blue eye shadow?)

Sorry again!! and I promise to stick to my resolution of writing once a week. This week was just had different stresses that I didn't know how to handle....but this weekend is helping me take a breather...will tell you more about it later!!!

By the way--I really enjoy running each day. I have ran 3  1/2marathons, but it is crazy how much muscle you lose when you don't use it all the time! So I am getting back in the game!! I found out that when I ran in the mornings it helped me have a more productive day!! I felt more energized and had a skip in my step! Made for some early days though... There were also some days where I would get out of school and have only an hour before I would babysit and quickly ran a mile in between. It also helps that when I do babysit, I am able to take the kids to a park and we are able to be outside!!! 
--Quick side note, when I was babysitting for the Harris' I was walking the girls in the wagon and an older couple approached me and said "you have two girls?" my response? "si, dos..errr I mean, yes 2!" (its always easier to tell people that they are my kids instead of a nanny --just making a long story short) but it was nice that spanish came to my mind first rather than English....

ok...I felt like I have written more in this blog than I ever have!
I hope to blog again tomorrow about my weekend.....but I have a bubble bath, wine and a book waiting for me....
Buenos Noches :o)

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  1. Thanks for sharing--It is fun to 'catch up' on your life--That grilled chicken salad looks 'to die for'--keep writing--we love to read what you have to say!