Monday, September 5, 2011

A "shot" of my weekend!
and a new thing I am going to start, "challenges"

This 3-day weekend was much needed time off!!!
Friday after school I met up with some friends and we went out to eat near the galleria, then went to a cute quaint little bar were we were able to catch up!
Saturday morning I was able to sleep in, have a pancake breakfast, clean, read, go to the pool with Nina, and babysit! During my babysitting job I was able to catch up on a lot of my grading. It was nice to have a relaxing evening "in" and their internet was out, so i was able to focus with no distractions.
Sunday we were off to the beach. It was rainy and windy but we made the most of it! There is something about being near water!!! We were able to walk the strand and go into little shops! We also stopped to get coffee. It made for a really nice afternoon!!! 
Here is the coffee I ordered! So pretty! Didn't want to drink it!
Cinnamon Mocha Latte
We got home and ordered pizza and was in bed early!!

Monday I was able to go for a run because it was so nice out! I hope this weather sticks around, my favorite season is Autumn.
I love...
 apple cider
leaves on the ground
changing trees
Apple pie
Pumpkin scented candles
craft fairs
pumpkin patches
the smells of fires (in fire places of course)
long sleeve shirts and sweatshirt!

Aleshia and I decorated our apartment tonight! :o)

So the run this morning reminded me of all of this!!!
I was then able to meet up with Frida to get some crepes! I bought a groupon for "La Mias Cafe" and we enjoyed our afternoon outside on the porch with our crepes, coffee and great conversation!
Frida works for the womans center, and she is so inspirational to talk too! She makes me want to do more!!! I can't wait to see her again! Our next meet up will be finding a cute coffee shop in Rice Village, and getting lost down there with our cameras! :o)
I spent the rest of my day at the pool reading "Eat Pray Love" My goal is to finish it this week!!! I have a couple more goals...I will mention those later......

 The hat I bought in Galveston yesterday.
 THE BEST crepes (well aside from the ones we ate in Ireland) in Houston.
I found an awesome Groupon for "La Mias Cafe" for half off!!!
Will be going these again! You want to join me?!?!
Nutella, Strawberries, and Banana

Challenges this week:
One thing I want to accomplish this week is finish reading Eat Pray Love. A lot of my friends talk about it and how good it is, and I was able to find it at Good Will for $0.50. I have been slowly reading it. A family that I babysit for has saved the movie on their DVR (SO nice of them) so it gives me more incentive to finish the book! (especially since I babysit for them on Friday night!)

I am going to try and challenge myself each week, and you are welcome to join too!!!
My first challenge:
September 4-September 11
#1Make more phone calls to friends.
I take pride...I am really good at sending out emails and postcards, and simple letters. But there is something about hearing someones voice that's not through a text message. So much more can be said, and so many more connections can be made through a phone call.
So, this week I am going to try and make at least one phone call a night, if not more, to people that I have not talked to in while. It is easy for me to make my list of people since I have moved so far away from home. My list will include some friends, and both of my grandmas.

Challenge #2
September 4th- September 18th
I want this challenge to last 2 weeks, so I am dropping the ball now on challenge #2.
I went running today, and I noticed that my pace is slower than is was in May, and that could be with all the traveling I did this summer (I got out of my routine). So aside from my normal work outs, Zumba, spin class, and swimming laps, I am going to try and run 1 mile a day and really try and push myself. I might need to wake up a half hour earlier in the morning to run a quick mile, or do it after school sometime before I babysit. I really want to improve my time--I have had a 12 minute mile for what seems like forever!!! I know I won't completely shave off a minute in 2 weeks, but it takes 21 days to form a habit, so it will be a good start! :o)

One other thing to put out will probably be a "challenge" in the near future..... but I am toying with the idea of picking up guitar. I remember in Nicaragua, while I was painting I would belt out songs that the kids would try and sing with me....and I was thinking that next time I go I would love to maybe possibly know how to play the guitar....its a thought for now...I need to find a guitar (been checking craigslist and ebay) and I would also need to find a teacher, because I am not a self-learner.
Again...if you have any helpful input leave me a message or email me! Thanks! :o)

Are you going to take one of these challenges???
email me about it! I would love to hear!

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