Saturday, August 13, 2011

New School Year...New Resolutions.

11 resolutions for the new school year!

1) Watch the news every morning.
The only thing that was stopping me from doing this was having a long enough cable cord. While being home I was talking to a friend whose boyfriend works for a cable company and he gave me a long enough cable! oh the simple things in life!!! I am excited now to learn things from the news and not from the newsfeed on facebook!

2) Read kids Spanish books.
I would like to extend my Spanish vocabulary...but I struggle in a couple of areas. Piecing sentences together, and hearing it. I know all the nouns and verbs, but conjugating is difficult too! So I figure if I read simplistic literature I will be able to learn faster.

3) Blog once a week
I would like to keep ya'll involved in my life! I am thinking of something creative along the lines of "5 joyful things" or "5 on Friday" or "Thursday Thoughts", something that would force me to write about the week that I am having, struggles, highs, lows, and joyful moments in my life!

4) Stay at school until 4:45 everyday
My co-teacher and I are extremely productive during our lunch and planning periods. We are able to plan, grade, and make parent phone calls all during our off time. School gets out at 4:15 and I would like to stay after and collect my thoughts, teacher journal, or clean up the room. There are many days that I leave and my desk is messy or the overhead needs to be cleaned off. If I stay later at school I can also drive straight to Zumba classes instead of stopping at home to get changed and maybe have a "bad" snack.

5) Read more Newberry books
I would like to become a better reader, and also read the books that my 7th graders are reading! and what better books can I read than ones that have been nominated!!! This would also mean I would have to get a library card and spend more time there!

6) Play piano every Wednesday during lunch
This resolution I need to talk to the lovely David Johnson at Killough. I would like to make a protein shake or have a fast lunch on Wednesdays, then spend the rest of my lunch playing the piano. I would like to find some classical books, maybe Jim Brickman, or Lorie Line....we will see, but it is a talent that I do not want to lose!

7)Find a unique coffee shop
I would love to spend more time in my journal. It is a way to relive my stress. I find that when I journal at home I am always distracted by the dishes in the sink, the laundry that has to be done, or the bathroom that needs to be cleaned. I figure if I find a unique coffee shop (Not Starbucks) I would be able to sit down and focus.

8) Adopt a child on World Vision
After being in Nicaragua this summer I have seen how much help people need. Hard working people there are barely able to provide for their families. I also found out how inexpensive it is to send kids to college and would like to find a scholarship program that would help send kids to higher education.

9)Raise money for schools in Nicaragua
I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve.....a couple of them to look forward too....a flip-flop drive for the kids, and a used CD, Book, and DVD sale. $1 each. More details to come, but clean out those closets and basements, because that "Best of the 80's" soundtrack or "New Kids on the Block" CD's might help someone elses commute to work a little more enjoyable!!!!

10) Live a Simpler life
After traveling this summer I have see a lot different walks of life. I started in Nebraska with my room, gave a lot to Good Will and I plan on going threw my things in my room in Houston and seeing what I really need and what I can live without. Eating wise also-- I would like to make more of my food instead of buying it pre-made with preservatives. "Living from the Earth!"

11) Volunteer
I would like to give more of my time to help others. There is a lot of need in our country and in Houston. I met a wonderful friend in Nicaragua who works at the Womans Center and I would like to donate my time and talents there!

I will follow up with this journal hopefully in October to let you know how these resolutions are going!!!


  1. I have one to add to that--love yourself as much as you love others. Maybe you already do--but we all should--we are all part of a whole--we are all little parts of GOD when you get right down to it--if you agree then you have to love yourself and others a lot right?