Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of school!

 I still get the jitters for the first day of school! This is the beginning of my second year teaching and I am SO excited for the new year! I am teaching with the same co-teacher in the same classroom so I "semi" know what to expect! Chelsi and I work so well together and I am ecstatic to teach with her again!
 Started the day off with a BIG pot of coffee and my Guinness coffee cup that I bought in Ireland!
 First day of school!!!!

 Stacy and Mike and the honeybees sent me a "Big Boss" and I was SO excited to use it!!!! Thanks SO much! It makes the BEST smoothies!!!!   :)
 I had to make carmelitas for the first day of school!!!!

 Can you see the quote on the board??? SUMMERS OVER, SCHOOL HAS BEGUN!!! This is my co-teacher Mrs. Mickey, and one of out students.
 Day 2 of school I made "peanut butter and jelly pie bars" I used my grandmas homemade jelly from Nebraska, and organic peanut butter, so they were not "that bad" for you!
 I wanted to try something new!! they turned out YUMMY! Thanks to BrownEyedBaker....you should check out her website!
 Our classroom!! Above our board I made a poster that says "An Attitude of Gratitude" We are trying to promote a POSITIVE atmosphere! It is only day 2 and the kids are catching on! So, as long as Mrs. Mickey and I stick with it -- there will be no room for negativity in our class!

Its going to be a great year!!!! I am SO thankful for EVERYTHING! :)
Buenos Noches

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  1. Great pictures--and great messages for your class and for all of us.