Monday, July 11, 2011

Here are my TOMS shoes that I bought for this summer!!! They say Journey and Destination on them. Unfortunately they did not make it to my European destinations but they will come with me to Nicaragua and Utah. I love wearing them and they are so comfortable!!! and I am excited to wear them even in Nebraska and Houston because I feel like everyday is a new journey. you can wake up and determine if it will be a positively optimistic or a negative nelly day. So every day is a new journey that I choose not waste, and a day to live it to the fullest! Sometimes that makes me really busy and on the go, but I try and fill it with the best activities and the best friends to spend my time with!!!
Surround yourself with love and you will not have to find a reason to smile, it will just happen naturally!!  :o)

Isn't Nature Cool???

So along with Math I also majored in science in college....and plants seem to fascinate me....let me show you why!
On this cucumber plant --this particular stem was blowing in the wind.
 So I moved the stem into the cage and tried to wrap the little vine around the wire so it could pull itself closer to the rest of the plant...I was waiting to see how long it would take to wrap.....
look at the little cucumber!!!!
 Giving Jovi some love!
 Remember how it looked before??? 2 hours later I find that it has wrapped around the wire!!!
 and this picture is take one day after...this stem apparently does not want to move now!!!!
Sometimes its the little things in life that make you smile!! I am very fortunate to find these, made my day trying to track this...and also procrastinating from packing for Nicaragua.....I am excited to see what vegetables yield when I get back in to 2 weeks! We also grow green peppers, onions, cantelope and tomatoes, so when I get back it will be SALSA making time!!  :o)

Living up life!

I think I have a reoccuring thing with "Mamas" this summer. In Mykonos, the place that we stayed at was "Mamas" and in Santorini, the restaurant that we ate at was "Mamas". Then on Saturday night we went to church and met up with my relatives and we ate at "Mamas". Maybe when I arrive in Nicaragua I need to find a "Mamas" top complete my summer!
 With Ryan and Matthew
When Dad asked me to golf, with no hesitation I said yes! I have not golfed since last summer and surprisingly I was not rusty! I look forward to golfing again when I get back from Nicaragua!

 Even though it seemed like the hottest and muggiest day ever......we both golfed out best game ever!!!!
 We came home and mom made AMAZING taco salads! and the diet coke went down so smoothly!
 After a much needed nap it was off to kayak!!!
 My bonjovi!
 At Chalco lake!

 Made it to the bridge!!!
 Kayaking with mom!

Friday, July 8, 2011

In Omaha...

In between trips I decided to drive home and spend some time in Omaha. Here are a couple of pictures on my time spent here and some special people in my life!!  :o)

Happy 4th of July!
The Friday before I left for the Farm, we were able to go to Memorial Park for a free music show and absolutely amazing fireworks! 

I spent the actual 4th with close friends! We spent our day eating watermelon, playing volleyball, and Polish Horseshoes!
 We played twice and Rocked!!! Corey and I were a great team!

 Catching up with some families that I used to babysit for!

We spent the morning doing crafts--making construction paper fish and making an aquarium for them to swim in the basement!

I saw this car and it looks like it would be my car! The 13.1 sticker (half marathon) the license plate...Luv Livn and the license plate cover says "I would rather be in Hawaii"-- and its an SUV which is the next car I want to buy.....coincidence?!?!?!

Taco Ride!
Every Thursday in Nebraska/Iowa we meet in Council Bluffs, and we bike 10 miles to Minola Iowa where we eat tacos! We then were stuffed and biked 10 miles back!

 Christina, Christine, Katie and Mackenzie

Girls day out!
I took Gretchen and Greta out for Panera, Pedicure and Manicure!

 Girls getting a beautiful design on their toes!

and the Fultons!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why I love Nebraska!

At Gavins Point Dam. The Missouri River is FULL charge!

AHH a Nebraska sunset!

Grandma, Grandpa and Gus