Saturday, January 7, 2012


 I was in charge of making sandwiches for the mountain! They tasted SOO good after some intense skiing!
 Megan and I on the lift!

 Hot Cocoa is ALWAYS good after a day of skiing!
 With Tyler and Lance!

 I had to think of a creative way to carry up all the boots to the 3rd floor!! tying them to a ski pole...epic!
 I am thinking we could use more cheese.......

The slope on the far left....looks decent right???? I will post a video later of Megan and I's experience on it...

Adios Colorado!!!!
Can't wait till next year!!


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  1. Sunshine,
    Sounds like a blast. Wish we could have seen you, now that we are in Saudi Arabia you'd have to travel much further for that.
    Dawn Marie