Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday night

There is always something special about Sunday nights..the end of a weekend, the start of a new week. I love the feeling of an accomplished weekend! I was able to go to the quilt show (which was amazing! pictures to come) see my parents off, get some needed cleaning done, babysit, run, church, skype with the bestie go on a walk with Nina, and cook!!!
Sunday night is always a comfort to me...and I am not sure how to explain the feeling....but it is my favorite night of the week! I always find myself organizing my planner and my school bag and getting ready for the week is also a time to collect my thoughts and catch up with friends.

...After Nina and I went for a walk we decided to cook and bake! So we got all of our ingredients and our $1 Diet Cokes from McDonalds and Dean Martin on pandora and we were set!
We made Parmesean Chicken with a lemon vinegrette....... which turned out AMAZING and the whole kitchen smelled glorious......

and we finished the night making pumpkin snickerdoodle whoopie pies!! absolutely amazing! I don't want to share....but with the holidays coming around I probably should since there will be many "sweets" around!

So excited to see what the week ahead has for me!
My birthday is on Thursday...the big 25...although a women should never share her age.....

I LOVE birthdays! Another year to celebrate life....another year to thank God...another year on this wonderful Earth with family and friends.
Thanks to all who surround me and make me feel special everyday!! :o)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

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