Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mykonos. Santorini.

My bus left Dublin at 430 am so I could catch my 7am flight to Frankfurt to meet up with Jessica. I arrived in Frankfurt around 11am and Jessica was at the airport to pick me up! We went back to her place, had some lunch, re-packed our bags for Greece, freshened up, and we were back in the Frankfurt to catch our flight to Greece! We had a connecting flight in Amsterdam, which we bought some fudge! When we got on our flight to Athens we sat next to a wonderful women who was from Greece, and she taught us all about Greek culture and a couple of Greek words that we would use in our 10 day stay!
We arrived in Greece at midnight and our ferry to Mykonos was at it would have been silly to get a place to stay for a couple of we decided to stay at the airport...didn't get much sleep though.
We got to see a wonderful Greece sunrise!!

Here are some views of Mykonos on our first day on the island. The stairs you see in the top right picture are the 111 stairs we had climb a couple times a day to get to our pension.

We finally got to our pension and we were starving!!! We also learned that you can only drink bottled water. I dont know how much bottled water we bought in 10 days but I would rather not think about it!

Our delicious Frappes!!!!! AMAZING!

We were told to eat at Nikos, so we took the advice and ventured out to find it. We had spent all day at the beach and both Jessica and I had had no sleep the night before, so we were ready for some good food!! Nikos was the 2nd greatest meal we had in Greece!!! We started off with hummus and pita, then we had stuffed tomatos, which were delectable, then fish in a garlic and tomato sauce and we had a wonderful house wine

And we finished off the night with some baklava!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!

We woke up the next morning and were in the mood for some coffee! So we found this cute restaurant with a wonderful view!!!

We took a bus to the middle of the island "Ano Mera" We planned to only stay there for an hour but our bus didnt come to pick us up so we had some extra time--we saw some neat sights!! Here are a couple.

There are windmills all over the island
 A chapel and an old church, absolutely beautiful view!
 Still waiting for the bus.....we were planning on taking the bus to the beach but it never came, so we ended up waiting for the bus that would take us back into town, while waiting we got a delicious sandwich and a frappe. Frappes are popular iced coffees and Jess and I had 1-2 each day...we are going to miss them!!

We finally  made it back to town and we were on a journey to find a different bus stop to take us to a beach!!! We did a little shopping and site seeing along the way!

Our afternoon at Elias Beach

 Some nice French guys we met at the beach....they won our hearts when they bought us Frappes!!! We had fun swimming and soaking up the sun!

Beautiful view with the moon in the sky! to Santorini...

We arrive in Santorini and it is supper time-- I feel like I am always talking about food....well yes, Jess and I did a lot of eating the most FABULOUS food!!!!! We started off with a greek salad....I am going to start to make this more once I get home!!!

 Spiced Pepper....HOT
 King Prawn Spaghetti
 Dessert was on the house! Fruit and lemon cello!

 Met some guys at the restaurant who taught us all about seafood! We got mojitos after supper!

Breakfast at Mamas the next morning! Amazing omelets and fresh squeezed orange juice! Great way to start the day!!!

We rented a 4 wheeler so we could explore the island and not get stuck waiting for a bus! We were able to explore so much of the island!!!

Dogs waiting on the sidewalk!

Can you see me jumping??? It was the clearest water!!! 
Wonderful Gyros!

 Delicious salad!
 Stuffed Vegetables
 The best seabream!!!! I love his little teeth!!

 Eating fish cheek.
 Beautiful Sunset at Thira!
 Dessert on the house!!! AMAZING!

The red beach...the cool thing about Santorini is that it has white, black and red cliffs!!
 Santorini is shaped as a crescent moon. So here we are on one tip and later in the evening we traveled to the other tip!
 Enjoying lunch! We found a quaint little place. The gyros are amazing and Alfa beer is great!--So good that we ordered seconds!!
 Little fact...Jessica and I did not find one gyro place that served it with lamb. Our only choices were pork and chicken!
 The highest point in Santorini, we could see the whole island!
 Beautiful sunset at Oia (pronounced "ia")
 Visiting the wine caves of Santorini

 The BEST supper EVER!!! Nikos was 2nd and this is #1 Nassouas. To start off we ordered eggplant dip...delectable

 A Greek Salad
 The biggest seafood dish ever!!! Seabream-Calamari-Sardines-Octopus--Most amazing meal ever!

We ate at Mamas every morning!!! and the last morning we ordered everything on the menu!!! Including Frappes!

 The morning we left...didnt want to leave, but this is where we stayed for 4 nights!!! We even had our own pool!

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