Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dublin. Howth. Ireland.

I just got back from traveling Europe, and my goal is to have it all blogged before I leave for Nicaragua!!
My friend Jessica, who I met when I worked in New Hampshire (she is from CA and I visited her last summer), works and lives in Frankfurt Germany. I decided that this would be an opportune time to visit Europe while she is over there!!! So June 6th I started my travels!!!!
My first stop was Dublin Ireland. I wanted to stop there because it is one of my favorite countries (#2 is Scotland and #3 is now Greece) I met 2 wonderful girls in the hostel, Alex and Linnea and we were able to explore and we had an AWESOME time doing it!! I hope to keep in touch with these girls since we had such a great time!!!

At the Guiness factory-- with Linnea

 Linnea and Alex with their first Guiness'

 Drinking in the Gravity Bar!!! and a beautiful view of Dublin!
 A Chinese Opera star serenading everyone in the Gravity bar! We even got serenaded ourselves and we also got pictures with him!!!
Enjoying our Polish lunch!!! to feed all 3 of us it was only 3E TOTAL!!! and the guy even threw in 3 free chocolates for us! He was so kind! :o)
 Really Really?!?!!?
 At St. Stephens Green Park
 Enjoying a crepe before going on a hike!!
 Nutella, strawberry and ice cream!!! I want to learn how to make crepes once I make it back home!
The start of our hike in Howth, Ireland

 It poured part of the time and we had to make a couple of stops because the rain and wind were so hard it felt like hail...but it made some neat stories and also made a rainbow in the ocean!! It was the most beautiful hike I have been on and I will never get tired of Ireland!!! I would love to go back a 3rd time or even live there!!! :o) So if anyone wants to visit and needs a traveling buddy, call on me! :o)

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