Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting creative with teaching!

When it rains it pours...this just goes to prove how well Houston is built for water...
Its hard to believe that Texas was in a drought this summer. On the drive down with Mackenzie this August, we saw wild fires on the side of the interstate. Right as we were about to call the police there were ambulances coming to put it out. So its hard to believe that it has been raining for a week now. I love the sound of the rain! When my skydiving plans were canceled on Saturday because of the rain, it was nice to journal and sip coffee and just listen to it fall.
 Here is a little update from room 315....Teaching Title 1 math, means that we have our students for 2 hours and we need to get creative with our teaching! Here is an example of our gallery walk. They were learning about transformations; reflections, translations, and dilation's. So I gave the students post-its and they had to post what they thought the transformation was. They enjoyed it! and I tried to find real-world examples.
 in case you need an 8th grade math refresher....this is a reflection! :o)
 Here is our activity on dilations...drawing on balloons!

 Teaching about they were cutting parallelograms to make them into rectangles. This was to prove that they would use the same formula for both shapes.
 creative way to do you think they would realize that these would be the same problems on a worksheet?!?! so quick teachers note....cutting up a worksheet and making it into a "points" game or hanging them on streamers....the students are more apt to complete the work....why?!? not sure....

Scavenger hunts with area and perimeter.... it takes a lot of prep work to do all these activities but the students have a lot more fun learning when it is in a creative way
 More volume...and eventually total surface area....we got a collection of cereal and cracker boxes and had the students measure and record their data.

 Guessing many cubes?!!? We had 2 students who guessed right on the spot!

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