Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girls weekend in Austin!

For Ninas birthday we took a trip to Austin! 
To start the trip off I made the birthday girl coffee....
then we jammed to the road trip CD and were off to Shiner TX to start our trip!
 4 free samples? well I don't mind if I do! My new favorite.... Shiner Blonde...

 I think this is the only group picture I have of all of us!!

 Our drive into Austin- a truck with a cow bell!
 yep! I am in longhorn country...

 Even though it was rainy we were able to find a lot to do. Austin is a city that has a lot to offer! We explored the capital, went on a hike up Bonnell Hill, which gave us a beautiful view of all Austin!

 We had 3 hours before we were headed to 6th street.... sooooooo

Good-bye Austin! Its been great! Will see you again when I chaperone the UT field trip!

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