Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Panda Cupcakes

Wednesday's Treats!
I have baked a lot this week...but again, like I said, I feel like an artist in my kitchen! So I am really enjoying this! I am also SOOOO grateful and cannot thank you enough for all the donations!!! I have raised over $100 so far and I wouldn't have gotten this far without your help and support! The students will forever be grateful and I can't wait to present them with their new uniforms!!!
Again! You are amazing!!
Next week, I am thinking Carmelitas, Strawberry Shortcake Cookies, and Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies! 
SO here are tomorrows treats! :o)

These are Chocolate Cupcakes with a homemade whipped frosting, and decorated as a panda of course! 

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